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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Andy's Morning Update: Episode 6

Andy's Morning Update Video 6 by sheriffbuzz

If video does not work try it at this link: 

Sometime this week I will be releasing my new song "Creaking Door" on the following page:    

I have spent the last week recording this song at the studio and in this video update there are some clips of me tracking guitars for the song along with my good friend J.D. Youngblood tracking drums. Tyler Orr, First Street Studio's awesome producer, also joined me and J.D. on this song playing bass. I literally CANNOT wait for you all to hear "Creaking Door". It's the best song I have ever written and the best recording I have ever produced. So go ahead and LIKE that page so you'll be the first to know when the song is available to dance in your ears.

As of last night I have returned back home to New Hampshire. My Internship is now over and I'm currently missing Tennessee a lot. This is my last video blog of the summer. School starts up next Friday. Thank you all so much for watching these updates. I've loved making every single one of them. Maybe down the line I'll make another video update. Who knows :)

Later Y'all.

Andy Hansen

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